Talk – O Exército Brasileiro e a Segurança da Informação

Gal. Bráulio de Paula Machado

This lecture will be presented in two days / times as follows:

Schedule: May 06th, 2018 (Sunday) – 8:45am to 10:00am

Schedule: May 07th, 2018 (Monday) – 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Abstract: One of the objectives of the Department of Science and Technology (DCT) of the Brazilian Army is to organize scientific, technological and innovation activities within the scope of the Brazilian Army. In this presentation, General of the Army Bráulio will presented an overview of the DCT, and the Integrated Center of Telematics of the Army (CITEx) and SisTEx – Army Telematics System that are directly subordinate to the DCT. In addition, the Brazilian Army Information Security Framework will be discussed, with the role of the Cyber ​​Defense Command (ComDCiber) and the Center for Cyber ​​Defense (CDCiber). Furthermore, it will be approached the articulation of Brazilian Army in information security of major events. Also the System Defense-Industry- Academy of Innovation (SISDIA). And finally, Examples of Projects related to Information Security like: a. Malware Analysis Laboratory (CDS), b. Itaipu Information Security Laboratory, c. Cybernetic Simulator – SIMOC, d. Certifying Authority of the Ministry of Defense – ACDefesa, e. Project Cyber ​​Security Laboratory in Information Technology, Communication and Applied Automation in Electrical Systems – LaSC.