The Workshop of undergraduate works (WTG-SBRC) will be held in conjunction with The Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC). The goal of this workshop is to leverage the participation of undergraduate students in the event, allowing them to publish their scientific findings in the field of Computer Networks and Distributed systems and to participate in a discussion forum among experts in the area. Authors are invited to submit original works from scientific projects conducted during undergraduate periods.


A non-exhaustive list of topics of interest include:

  • Distributed algorithms (projects and applications)
  • Network applications
  • Architecture and characterization of networks and services
  • Smart cities
  • Big Data and Data Mining
  • Cloud computing, Fog computing and service-oriented
  • Mobile Computing
  • Ubiquitous, pervasive and context sensitive computing
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Network detection and prevention of anomalies and attacks
  • Performance, scalability and reliability
  • Network engineering and traffic control
  • Specification, validation and verification protocols
  • Management, operation, design and analysis of networks
  • Identity management, address and location
  • Internet of all things and cyber-physical systems
  • Future Internet
  • Tactile Internet
  • Measurement and monitoring networks
  • Middleware
  • Cross-layer optimization
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE)
  • Autonomic and self-organizing networks
  • Information Centric Networks
  • Data Center Networking
  • Networking software-defined
  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Sensor networks
  • Mobile networks
  • Optical networks
  • P2P networks and systems
  • Wireless infrastructured networks
  • Social networking (online, mobile and pervasive)
  • Delays / interruptions tolerant networks
  • Manned and unmanned vehicle networks
  • Green networks (green networking)
  • Routing, switching and addressing
  • Network security and distributed systems
  • Web services
  • Simulation and emulation networks
  • Distributed systems (autonomic, multimedia, real-time)
  • Distributed operating systems
  • Smart Grid
  • Networks and Digital TV applications and Interactive
  • Fault tolerance and resilience
  • Network function virtualization
  • Network virtualization


Papers registration: 15/03/2018 19/03/2018 22/03/2018
Results of communication: 06/04/2018 10/04/2018
Sending the final version: 13/04/2018 15/04/2018 14/04/2018


The event will be held in conjunction with SBRC 2018 in Campos do Jordão, SP.


Papers submission will be exclusively electronic, through JEMS (https://jems.sbc.org.br/home.cgi?c=2987) system. Papers can be written in Portuguese or English, only in PDF format. Each paper is limited to *8 pages*, including abstract (and an english abstract, for papers in Portuguese), figures, diagrams, and references. Papers should be formatted following the model papers of SBC, available in http://www.sbc.org.br/documentos-da-sbc/category/169-templates-para-artigos-e-capitulos-de-livros.

The submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by the WTG-SBRC program committee. Presentation of each accepted paper is required, and one of the authors must attend and participate in SBRC and WTG. The list of authors will be composed by at least (1) a student currently enrolled in an undergraduate program or has graduated in the past 12 months (concluded in 2017); and (2) the professor responsible for the research.


The Program Committee will announce during the event the best WTG-SBRC papers,which will be awarded with certificate.


Bruno Kimura (UNIFESP)
Luiz Fernando Bittencourt (UNICAMP)
Daniel Fernandes Macedo (UFMG)
Lásaro Jonas Camargo (UFU)
Bruno Kim Medeiros Cesar (Google)
André Drummond (UnB)
Alex Borges (UFJF)
Daniel Macêdo Batista (IME-USP)
Luis Hideo Vasconcelos Nakamura (IFSP-Catanduva)
Roberto Rigolin Ferreira Lopes (Fraunhofer FKIE)
Silvana Rossetto (UFRJ)
Luiz Filipe M Vieira (UFMG)
Danielo G. Gomes (UFC)
Edmundo Madeira (UNICAMP)
Michele Nogueira (UFPR)
Daniel Guidoni (UFSJ)
Kelvin Lopes Dias (UFPE)
Jussara Almeida (UFMG)
Luis Carlos De Bona (UFPR)
Roberto Sadao Yokoyama (UTFPR)
Gustavo Bittencourt Figueiredo (UFBA)


Lourenço Alves Pereira Júnior

Lourenço Alves Pereira Júnior (IFSP-Araraquara)

WTG Coordinator

Rodolfo Ipolito Menegette

Rodolfo Ipolito Menegette (IFSP-Catanduva)

WTG Coordinator